5 Signs it’s Time to Overhaul Your Website

Technology moves quickly and it can be hard to keep up. Sometimes we’re too busy to hop on all the latest trends or maybe what we have is good enough for now. This blog post is to serve as a wake up call. If your website is in violation of any of these 5 things, then it’s not good enough anymore and it is time to make some changes.


1.) Your website uses flash.

Flahs does not work on iPphones

If your website depends on flash or uses flash for animations or banners, then you are way overdue for an update. Over 7 million iPhones are estimated to be in use worldwide and guess what…Flash doesn’t work on apple mobile devices. Can you afford to be invisible to 7 million users? I didn’t think so.


2.) Your website does not work on all devices or screen sizes and is not “responsive”.

Responsive website displayHaving a “mobile friendly” site is more than getting your website to show up on a smart phone. It’s about providing a superior user experience on any device. There is no standard screen size anymore so your site needs to adjust and work optimally on every screen. Designing a successful responsive website goes beyond simply ‘functioning’ and asks the questions; are these buttons large enough and spaced far enough apart, is the text legible, how do we plan for touch vs. mouse, etc?


3.) Your website depends on images of text.

Text as an image

Don’t do it. Aside from demonstrating poor form and being impossible for bots to crawl, this is a major accessibility violation. This is especially important if you are in the medical or educational field or have clients or customers who use screen readers. Text saved as an image is invisible to screen reading software. Saving text as an image is a practice that was more acceptable back in the day when the fonts available for the web were limited. With google fonts available and major improvements in html5, CSS, and media scripts, there is simply no reason to save text as an image anymore. Ok…maybe there are a few exceptions if you want to do something artistic with a few words, but still have plenty of live text.


4.) Your website is confusing.

I once had a client explain that he wanted his site to be like a maze so that users would spend a long time on his site. While I understand this notion, my client failed to realized that if a user isn’t able to find what they want quickly, they are going to leave and give someone else their money. It is imperative for your website to make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they need and to take action. Speaking of taking action…


5.) Your website does not have a contact form.

All websites should have a working contact form

Gone are the days when simply having a web page up was enough. Your site needs to be interactive and customers need to be able to verify you are a real business.  The web has an earned reputation for being an unsavory place at times and you never really know what you are getting into or with who. Having a contact form, makes it easy for potential customers and business affiliates to reach out to you if they have questions. Bonus if you also make it easy for visitors to email you or even to call with inquiries by displaying a click to email and phone number.


If you’re feeling unsure about your website or if you know it’s out of date, but it’s just too daunting to do anything about it, please contact me and I’ll work with you to create a plan that makes sense and works for you. We will work out a plan for a website, and you may be surprised to find yourself having fun along the way.